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Kirstin Arndt ( D ), Alan Butler, John Cronin, Damien Flood, Benjamin Houlihan ( D ),  Mark Joyce, Arno Kramer ( N ), Fergus Martin, Niamh McCann, Caroline McCarthy and Nigel Rolfe

  • 15 Dec - 03 Feb 2018

Green On Red Gallery presents Future, a group exhibition featuring works from gallery and invited artists. New work by artists Kirstin Arndt ( D ), Alan ButlerJohn CroninDamien Flood, Benjamin Houlihan ( D ),  Mark JoyceArno Kramer ( N ), Fergus MartinNiamh McCannCaroline McCarthy and Nigel Rolfe will dominate.

Kristin Arndt will show for the second time in the gallery with her newest sculptural and wall works from her Düsseldorf studio.  Arndt brings to her mixture of sharp and flowing industrial materials a prediliction for clean and colourful forms, at times inviting the viewer to interact with or even to recompose her work.  She last exhibited in Green On Red Gallery in Material Pleasures curated by Molly Sullivan in 2004.

Alan Butler continues to delve into a virtual computer-generated space with dazzling, hypnotic results to make works that pose searching questions about man's tinkering with technology and nature.  His new deskscapes jump off the page as do his new deep blue Virtual Botany cyanotypes.

John Cronin's first canvas paintings Warme Nights, Fat Grounde, Softe Dewes, And Misty Mornings ( 2017 ) will be on display.

Damien Flood's new paintings on canvas and linen show the artist's trademark play with memory and half narrative.  The viewer is caught in this world of fragments and silhouettes where a teasing but elegantly curving line will, when you least expect it, exude in a lush protrusion or a thumbprint.  Not to mention the baroque pirourette of his anti-gesture.

Mark Joyce will show new small acrylic paintings on raw linen.  His startling palette of colours borrowed from nature are somewhere between image and a rainbow of marks. 

Arno Kramer will exhibit new mixed media drawings on paper that place images, animals and birds from nature in testing, abstract compositions.  They appear innocent witnesses to looming and surrounding forces, caught in a maelstrom of dark webs and pools, words and lines.  Kramer is one of the leading artists working in drawing in Europe today.  Arno is the founder and curator of The Drawing Centre, Diepenheim, the Netherlands.

Fergus Martin's two pastel paintings on paper are the earliest and possibly the largest works in the exhibition.  These Untitled paintings carry many of the artist's recognisable and singular, uncompromising traits where edge and extent and the hand-made are pushed to a bold and meticulous limit.

Another artist who pushes his chosen material to surprising limits is Benjamin Houlihan, showing for the first time in Green On Red Gallery.  No matter what his material, Houlihan manages to find an expressive charge that is hard to match or to contain.  His sanded sculptures are finely balanced on a line verging on the impossible.

Niamh McCann also considers nature pitted against culture.  The resulting works in ceramic, fired clay, porcelain, wood, gold leaf, bronze and pure pigment are rich in association and steeped in Modernist history, albeit an alternative history.

Caroline McCarthy's Ground Work ( 2017 ) and Walk me to the station ( 2017 ) paintings are her latest achievements in acrylic, unbelievably, on canvas.  Caroline's next solo show will be in Green On Red Gallery in 2018.

In Nigel Rolfe's new '
Dark was the night cold was the ground'  works on paper he uses Chinese blood ink and ivory black pure pigment to dramatic and energetic effect.

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  • Benjamin Houlihan
  • Horny chair (thin chair)
  • sanded wooden chair, 82.5x77x56cm
Horny chair (thin chair)

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