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Many Silver Things
Nigel Rolfe

  • 01 Jul - 30 Jul 2005

For this exhibition, Rolfe has created images from collected metalwork objects, which he has gathered over time and used in live work and performances.  For Rolfe, these objects contain a magic, reminiscent of his post-war, rural upbringing, and he revisits them regularly as part of his practice. These vessels and everyday objects come from the archaeology of the domestic.  They were made at a time when manufacturing was not concerned with the plastic, disposable item but when individual craft and skill used metal fabricating techniques for making vessels and containers that would endure.

The work in this exhibition broadly fits into two groups – images made live, where the artist is making use of the ‘silver thing’ usually in relation to the body and the hands – offering forward, carrying.  The second group are still lives, that is, the objects themselves – a ladle from Poland, a bucket from Japan, an oilcan made by tinkers, a Cyprus sieve punched by hand by rough nail.  These objects - buckets, cans, scoops, vessels of all sorts of metal were carriers, not only of the jobs they did, but of a specific metaphor and identity. Rolfe has a particular interest in the surface of galvanizing, this reticulated skin on the steel echoes the skin of the body, it is very significant, camouflage or protection.  The third component of this exhibition is new video work exploring the theme of the silver object in relationship to portraiture and the body.



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More Information

  • For more information or purchase enquiries contact the gallery.
  • Silver Things (7) (2005)
  • Giclee print handprinted by the artist on 350 grm Somerset paper, archivally mounted. 96.5 x 127cm
Silver Things (7) (2005)
Silver Things (8) (2005)
Silver Things (2) (2005)
Silver Things (10) (2005)
Silver Things (1) (2005)

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