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Light Falls
Group Exhibition

  • Friday 15 May 2015

Contributing Artists: Liadin Cooke, Marcia Hafif, Mark Joyce, Sofie Loscher, Scott Lyall and Bridget Riley

The Green On Red Gallery is delighted to announce the opening of Light Falls, an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by an international array of artists including Scott Lyall, Liadin Cooke, Sofie Loscher, Bridget Riley, Mark Joyce and Marcia Hafif.   Hafif last showed in the Green On Red Gallery in the Mostly Monochrome exhibition in Fitzwilliam Square in the mid-‘90s.  For the first time New York-based artist Scott Lyall exhibits his work in Ireland.

The works, which hail from different geographical contexts, express a shared attentiveness to the physical properties and enigmatic effects of light. Paint, plastic and paper become media of absorption, reflection and refraction, alluding to each artist’s indebtedness to this invisible energy.

 The show was originally conceived in response to the Gallery’s new, light filled site and was also inspired by Bridget Riley’s eloquent reminisce in The eye’s Mind;

Swimming through the oval, saucer-like reflections, dipping and flashing on the sea surface, one traced the colours back to the origins of those reflections . . . The entire elusive, unstable, flicking complex subject to the changing qualities of the light itself.  On a fine day, for instance, all was bespattered with the glitter of bright sunlight and its tiny pinpoints of virtually black shadow – it was as though one was swimming through a diamond.

 Riley’s reflection highlights the connection between the light, colour and perception, an awareness that has had strong implications within her own practice.  The collection of works explore the poetic, scientific, synthetic and spiritual sensibilities of light. Light falls on and through various media presenting the viewer with works that have an autonomous life and ‘light’ of their own.

The show continues until Saturday the 13th of June

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