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Damien Flood
Pull, Bite, Rally / NCAD Gallery

  • Wednesday 19 November 2014

Damien Flood will be exhibiting as part of Pull, Bite, Rally at NCAD Gallery in collaboration and partnership with the Black Church Print Studio. Exhibiting artists include Brian Fay,  Jesse Jones, Isabel Nolan and Sarah Pierce

Exhibition open view
Wednesday 19th November 2014, 6pm, NCAD Gallery.
Performance by Sarah Pierce
Wednesday 19th November 2014, 7pm, NCAD Gallery.
Exhibition continues
Thursday 20th November - Tuesday 16th December 2014.

NCAD Gallery, 100 Thomas Street, Dublin 8.
Gallery opening hours 1pm – 5pm. Admission is free.

Pull Bite Rally is the first exhibition to mark the Black Church Print Studio’s dynamic initiative, Process. As part of the Studio’s artistic programme, Process invites leading art practitioners to work with the resources and expertise of the Studio in the production of original artworks. For the Pull Bite Rally exhibition, artists Brian Fay, Damien Flood, Jesse Jones, Isabel Nolan and Sarah Pierce present their artworks and continued collaboration at NCAD Gallery. Through explorative processes, the artist's intent is facilitated by the skills and experience of a dedicated printmaking team of master print-makers and print coordinators. This collaboration between artist and the Studio aims to give practitioners a comprehensive understanding of the processes and concepts of printmaking leading to new directions in their practice.

Integral and in addition to the exhibition, responses from practitioners, leading figures in the visual arts and the wider public are invited to participate in rigorous inquiry and discussion that Pull Bite Rally invokes. NCAD Gallery’s collegial context affords the opportunity to form close exhibition partner relationships with staff and students from the NCAD College departments and further afield to form a parallel event series. Over the four week exhibition period a programme of events, screenings and talks are scheduled in consideration of the central theme of process. Engaging key topics fundamental to the artists’ project experience, with reference to: the potentiality of collaboration and creative professional links for artists; printed matter and publishing; authorship and reproduction; medium specificity; professional practice pathways, skills and exchange; pedagogical foundations and shifts in contemporary art practice.

To mention only a few of the event highlights, Declan Long is in conversation with artist and 2014 Turner Prize nominee, Ciara Phillips, on Monday 24th November, 6pm. In a special one-off episode of TV Museum: The Mini-Series, Maeve Connolly investigates temporal, social and political aspects of serial publication and distribution. Connolly’s titled ‘Serial Publications and Practices’ lecture reconsiders some of the strategies employed by General Idea and also explores the work of various contemporary artists and institutions engaged in the production of newspapers, journals and serialised moving images, posing questions about the changing form and function of seriality in art, media and culture - Wednesday 3rd December, 5pm. ‘Repeat. Don’t stop’ is the NCAD MA Art in the Contemporary World organised public seminar that delves into ways to critically engage with current forms of artistic repetition and reproduction, considering how ideas and processes explored in the Pull Bite Rally exhibition relate to the broader contexts of twenty-first century art, Friday 28th November, 2pm.

Image: Brother, 2013, Dry point and carborundum, edition of 3

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