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Paul Mosse: Sandwiched Space

PM.S. 035 2003 66 x 168 x 148 cm Plywood, glue, sawdust, screws and paint

PM.S. 035
66 x 168 x 148 cm
Plywood, glue, sawdust, screws and paint

This will be Paul Mosse's second solo exhibition at Green On Red Gallery. The title of this exhibition refers to his continuing fascination with and use of painterly and real space (here sandwiched in the picture plane.) Mosse's paintings have always challenged our expectations about the medium of paint In this latest show, Mosse once more exhibits very physical constructions of paint, layered with sawdust, matchsticks, glue, acrylic, sand and plywood among other materials. Mosse had admitted that, "I like the tension between control and anarchy - everything almost falling apart - but still held together by a bigger system…. "

Of art-making, Mosse has said "I like the slow-process based approach to work. I hope my work may be more like a 'slow-release' pill than the more recent trend for 'sound-bite art'. I like it to keep on giving off things over the years…." His work is intensely constructed from detailed drawings which are then used to create stencils. He uses these as a basis from which to begin his constructions, which are painstakingly worked and reworked, often for months and in some cases, years on end. He often finds that it is the paintings themselves that announce when they are ready to leave the studio. Mosse's work celebrates chance and mystery as much as discipline and focus. This is evident in the dual influences Mosse acknowledges, namely, his love/hate relationship with the large-scale painting constructions of Frank Stella and the importance of his beloved Kilkenny landscapes and of nature itself. This exhibition will also include several smaller works which will give the viewer the opportunity to experience a more intimate body of work alongside his signature larger-scale pieces.

The acclaimed avant-garde composer/violnist duo Barry Guy and Maya Homburger will give a concert entitled Celebration at the Gallery on Friday, 13th June from 7:00 p.m. Please phone the Gallery to reserve seating.

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