Mark Joyce

Born in Dublin in 1966, upon graduation he won the GPA Emerging Irish Artists Award and a British Council Fellowship to study painting at the Royal College of Art, London and the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.
His work explores the anomalies and phenomenological strangeness of our optical experience, with ideas drawn from scientific and philosophical concepts of physical light.
Enriques Juncosa writes about Marks work for Las Geometrias Posibles at Galeria Odalys : "Mark Joyce also draws on common DIN A4 size papers, suggesting ideas of spontaneity, of everyday life, improvisation, fragility and emphasis on the process, just as we said of Caldicott. Nonetheless, Mark Joyce’s images are dynamic, celebratory and vibrant; they are handmade compositions of colored lines, mostly on white and neutral backgrounds, although they are activated by the drawings, its rhythm, movement and the chromatic contrast they establish. Everything is a theoretical reection on light, yet understood as something physical and tangible, not just visible. However, we are not talking about representational images, but about conceptualizations of bright, experienced or invented phenomena, taking speculation to the limit in these latter cases. Joyce’s work covers from accurate and slow-paced geometries, to complex, unstable situations referring to acrobatics, choreographies or constructions of playing cards. His work has a playful and happy aspect; it even responds to a curiosity that could be dened as scientic."

He has had solo exhibitions in Ireland, UK and the USA and curated exhibitions in The Model, Sligo, Sydney Non Objective, Australia and at Petit Port in Leiden. He is represented by the Green on Red Gallery, Dublin and is in the collections of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the Arts Council of Ireland. He has been Artist in Residence at the Albers Foundation,USA, Icelandic Centre for the Arts, Reykjavik, Heinrich Boll Cottage, Co.Mayo and at NAFA, Singapore.
He is currently Director of Art at Yale-National University of Singapore.


New Works, 18 Apr - 25 May 2012
The Newtonians, 08 Jan - 14 Feb 2009
Lux Clara, 07 Jan - 04 Feb 2006
Lissadell Birdsong, 14 Nov - 22 Dec 2003


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