Fergus Martin

Fergus Martin makes use of the world around him as a source for his paintings, sculpture and photographs. His work reflects things seen or even fleeting moments from the everyday. The geometric forms that consistently appear in his work give shape to his preoccupation with space, form and materials.

Recent projects have taken the form of spatial and environmental pieces. These sculptures and paintings are a journey towards a moment of recognition which Martin thinks of as a meeting of form and energy. They mirror the world around him - the colour and shape of things. He wants them to feel the density and weight of things - their sense of compression, or their opening out. Their placing in relation to one another and their relation to their architectural surroundings is a conversation about distance and nearness, centre and periphery. Ideally, it is a journey without end. Each work will initiate its own time and space while always having a sense of movement, of going on.

Published on the occasion of his solo exhibition at Dublin City Gallery- Hugh Lane (October 2008 - January 2009), a new monograph titled Fergus Martin, including essays by Barbara Dawson, David Godbold and Andreas Pinczewski, is available from the gallery.

In 2014 Martin was awarded the Irish American Cultural Institute O’Malley Art Award. The award is given annually to an Irish artist of choice by a selection committee composed of curators and museum directors in Ireland. The award is sponsored by the Irish American Cultural Institute on behalf of the Ernest O’Malley family.


New Work, 07 Sep - 14 Oct 2016
Outside Inside, 09 Apr - 16 May 2014
Photographs, 11 Mar - 08 Apr 2011
New Work, 02 Jun - 03 Jul 2009
Storm, 31 May - 30 Jun 2006


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