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Group Exhibition: September

Fergus Feehily, John Graham, Tom Hunter, Caroline McCarthy, Fergus Martin, Mariele Neudecker, Corban Walker

This autumn seven artists will be exhibiting at Green On Red Gallery in an exhibition entitled September and including the work of Fergus Feehily, John Graham, Tom Hunter, Caroline McCarthy, Mariele Neudecker and Corban Walker. A month of complicated and often conflicting emotions and expectations, September marks the end of lazy summer days bringing poignancy and a certain sadness, while the anticipation of future projects and events promises new beginnings.

Mariele Neudecker's Another Day renders in lightbox what began as a film project. Synchronistically capturing the sun setting and the same sun rising from opposite ends of the globe would seem a futile activity, if by this process we are expected to experience something of the sheer scale and breadth of this event. Neudecker typically forces a double-take, a reassessment of some of the clichéd relationships between viewer and subject, in this case the confrontation with the unknown and the infinite as represented by sundown/sunrise over a vast immeasurable sea. Caroline McCarthy continues her exploration of everyday objects and delves into the deep freeze. Promise puts the thinly veiled conceit of convenience food packaging under laboratory lighting and gets some unexpected results. Corban Walker shows new computer-aided drawings on paper that repeatedly surprise with their intricate, optical results. Tom Hunter's series, Swan Songs, are extraordinary formal yet poignant portraits of his east London neighbourhood, Hackney, made by reference to its rivers. They snake filthily through industrial ground and move us, more than anything else, by their unnatural beauty. John Graham, for the first time, has created a series of oil and pastel drawings on paper which he has described as more sensual and immediate than his prints and which evolved out of his exploration of themes of ritual and chance. Fergus Feehily's work consistently blurs the line between non-representation and image, between text and drawing, painting and print. His new paintings continue to explore the multifarious possibilities of painting by mark-making with unexpected found equipment. Fergus Martin questions the relationship between central and peripheral, form and energy, realising a floor sculpture as part of his ongoing Pipe Dreams series. These works appear concurrently futuristic, utopian and down-to-earth.

Paul Doran, Fergus Feehily and Fergus Martin will show together in a 3-person exhibition in Galerie Michael Sturm, Stuttgart, September 18 - November 6 2004.

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