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VOLTA NY, 2017

John Cronin

Green On Red Gallery at VOLTA NY
Booth A01
March 1 - 5, 2017
Pier 90, New York


Green On Red Gallery is delighted to present the work of gallery artist John Cronin at VOLTA NY, ( Booth A01 ), Pier 90, New York, between March 1-5, 2017.

A first time exhibitor in the United States, John will be showcasing paintings from his ZXX series. Cronin's works hover between form and dissipation, solidity and decay, with everything existing in an in-between state, with the translucent layers defining the plane as a screen rather than as a surface.

John Yau considers Cronin as being "too big for his pond", as his experimental expressionism places him "well outside Ireland's artistic seaboard". Donald Kuspit reminisces over the artist's pursuit, as he states: "the great abstract expressionist achievement is to make paint seem like a freshly discovered, magically mercurial material, even as it also looks exquisitely refined and precious. It is Cronin’s achievement; it suggests his total mastery of his material."

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