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Group Exhibition: 2D

Paul Doran, Sarah Durcan, Patrick Hall, Mark Joyce, Conor Kelly, Jon Pylypchuk,
Royal Art Lodge, James Siena and Corban Walker.

Green On Red gallery is pleased to announce two d, a group exhibition opening Thursday 17 February and running until 12 March 12, 2005. Included in the exhibition are new paintings, drawings, mixed media and video work by Paul Doran, Sarah Durcan, Patrick Hall, Mark Joyce, Conor Kelly, Jon Pylypchuk, Royal Art Lodge, James Siena and Corban Walker.

This is the first time James Siena ( USA ) and Jon Pylypchuk ( CAN ) - previously of Royal Art Lodge - will show in Ireland. Sarah Durcan shows new paintings for the first time in the Green On Red Gallery. James Siena and Corban Walker both show in an important exhibition in Pace Wildenstein Gallery, New York, also this month, called Logical Conclusions : 40 Years of Rule-Based Art ( 18 February ­ 26 March 26, 2005 ). See:

All the work in this exhibition is joined not just by the miniature hand-rendered scale of a lot of the work but by a delicacy and intricacy in the manufacture that makes a strong contrast to the recent run of installation/video works shown in the gallery's Œ04/05 programme.

"When I make a painting I respond to a set of parameters, like a visual algorithm. These structuring devices are subject to the fallibility of my hand, and my mind¹s ability to complete the work as planned. " [ Siena ] likens his work to that of a software programmer or, more precisely, a human computer executing a string of programs.

In Whitney Biennnial 2004, Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, 2004, p 234

In two d the viewer is drawn in close. Their eye is put to work in a different way to decode the systems or method used in the drawing, collage, painting or video work on view. We are not concerned so much with the active and overt role of the viewing audience. This show is not about how that viewer occupies theatrically the gallery space or how they negotiate or trigger a reaction in that space. The dynamic in two d is more to do with the intimate encounter of an artwork; the one to one engagement with an object that shuts out the surrounding space. The jewel-like complexity of Walker¹s cad drawings, the dark emphatic wit of Royal Art Lodge and Pylypchuk's collages and the optical wizardry of Kelly's closely observed moments at Brighton Pier, bordering on trompe l'oeil, all conspire to pull us right up close. These are worlds of intense imaginings and formal discoveries that pulsate with energy.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Jerome, Georgina, Caoimhe or Jennifer at the Green On Red Gallery, t. + 353.1.6713414 or e.

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