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Group Exhibition: Press Play

Press Play

Press Play

Conor Kelly, Tim Lloyd, Maria Marshall, Jonathan Monk, Silke Schatz, Julianne Swartz Curated by Georgina Jackson

Green On Red Gallery is pleased to present PRESS PLAY. This is the sixth in a series of curated group exhibitions at the gallery and examines the practice of six artists: Conor Kelly, Tim Lloyd, Maria Marshall, Jonathan Monk, Silke Schatz and Julianne Swartz.

PRESS PLAY references as a starting point, the moment before the action, the questioning of time, perception and positioning, and the moment before we press play. It asserts an engagement with the action and movement of time and space and an affirmation of perception and cognition as temporal processes dependent upon a dynamic amalgamation of past and present. The moment is one of reflection, excitement, anticipation, hesitation and anxiety, part of our everyday reality and perpetual present.

Conor Kelly (lives and works in London) although primarily known for his use of sound, has increasingly involved film and video in his work. In which the familiar becomes infused with sounds to create a soundtrack of viewing. The orchestration of the unobserved delights of our daily surroundings, lights flashing, rain falling and leaves swaying, plays internal rhythms, pulsating sounds and the fantastical.

Tim Lloyd (born 1968, lives and works in Dublin) places at the forefront of his practice physical investigation and experiments. His exploration manifests itself in a performance-based engagement that is playful and inventive, choreographing activities and actions for the purpose of documenting them to video. For this exhibition Lloyd worked in situ to produce a video installation that responds to a storage space within the gallery.

Maria Marshall's (born 1966, lives and works in London) video projections revive the psychological dimension of the cinema, employing visual charm to seduce the viewer. Their hypnotic looping underlines the violence inferred and produces a sense of uneasiness. Marshall combines fantasy and fairytale, dreams and reality, childhood and adulthood to question our real anxieties and traumas.

Jonathan Monk (born 1969, lives and works in Berlin) replays Conceptualism's high concerns while at the same time offering witty and thoughtful abuses, proposing a sensibility rooted in the how we look at things now. Monk bridges the gap between high art and the apparently insignificant moments of our life, with irony, humour and wit.

Silke Schatz (born 1967, lives and works in Cologne) questions the principle of memory and examines our perceptual link to places and time, often referencing moments of cultural interstices. Her fine line renderings of perceived and lived in spaces make transparent a multitude of adjoining spaces. The subjective transparency of the drawings on one hand stands in direct opposition to their accurate representation on the other. A paradox that is inherent to memorisation.

Julianne Swartz (born 1967, lives and works in New York) works primarily in sculptural installations that explore the materiality of light, and question transmission and perception. Swartz employs motion, light, reflections, sound and understated materials to transform everyday spaces into something extraordinary and unexpected. As she states, "where the wondrous and mundane can occur simultaneously".

Special thanks to the artists, Galerie Arndt & Partner (Berlin), Fordham Gallery (London), Josée Bienvenu Gallery (New York), Galerie Meyer Riegger (Karlsruhe), Peer (London) and Galerie Yvon Lambert (Paris)

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