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Green On Red Gallery 
inConverstion Series

Gallery Talk with artist Nigel Rolfe

Thursday 15 October at 7 pm

Green On Red Gallery, Park Lane, Spencer Dock, Dublin 1.

Green On Red Gallery inConversation series
Gallery Talk with artist Nigel Rolfe 
Thursday 15 October, 2015, at 7pm.
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As part of his current Green On Red Gallery solo exhibition The Burning FrameNigel Rolfe will be present for a talk in the gallery on Thursday 15 October at 7pm about the current exhibition and the artist's live works.  
Red is the newest live work by the artist and was first performed on September 11, 2015, in Green On Red Gallery.  The many materials, vessels, utensils, pigments, etc. employed by the artist during the 55 minute run of this live event remain in place as a trace of the original and ephemeral performance.  The concrete floor of the gallery, like a fresh canvas, points to the core concerns of Rolfe's practice.  It is an intriguing testament to an art-form practiced and perfected by the artist over a 40 year period.  Evidence of the slow dance of pouring, dragging, pushing and drawing of Red are still discernible, but tauntingly remote.
The artist first exhibited in the gallery in 1994 and has been the subject of 7 solo exhibitions since in Green On Red Gallery. Titled The Burning Frame Rolfe’s current exhibition consists of new and double-dated photographic works and, for the first time, pure pigment drawings by the artist.  
On the occasion of Burning Frame and Red, the artist has produced two small, editioned prints for €100 + VAT each.  They will be for sale during the show and on the night of the gallery talk.
The exhibition will be closed by a second live performance in the gallery.  Further details to be announced on the authorship and nature of the closing performance work.  Watch this space.
The Burning Frame runs until 24 October.