TALK SHOW | Alan Butler & Rachael Gilbourne / by info

Alan Butler & Rachael Gilbourne

Thursday, April 06, 7 - 8pm

Rachael Gilbourne will participate in a public talk with Alan Butler on the occasion of his current exhibition HELIOSYNTH at Green On Red Gallery. 

Green On Red Gallery
Park Lane
Spencer Dock ( Luas Stop 100m )
Dublin 1

NXG_IM_BRANCHES_35 , Unique cyanotype print on Fabriano No.5, 90.4 x 61 cm, 2017.

NXG_IM_BRANCHES_35, Unique cyanotype print on Fabriano No.5, 90.4 x 61 cm, 2017.

Rachael Gilbourne is a curator based in Dublin. Currently Assistant Curator of Exhibitions: Projects & Partnerships at IMMA–Irish Museum of Modern Art, Gilbourne also works as an independent curator, often in collaboration with Kate Strain under the aegis of RGKSKSRG. She is co-founder and co-ordinator of Visual Arts Workers Forum, and a member of the Board of Directors of Black Church Print Studio and the Royal Hibernian Academy School. Previously, Gilbourne has worked within contemporary visual arts organisations such as Kerlin Gallery, Projects Arts Centre, and Black Church Print Studio, Dublin. She is a Fine Art graduate from NCAD and has an MA in Visual Arts Practices from IADT, Co. Dublin.

Alan Butler often conceptually reflects and refracts the inner-workings of the internet, the implications of new media technology, and the politics of appropriation. His work is such that you are made to question your grasp of the world around you, itself in the grip of systems of knowledge and coding that is never far away from the override or delete button. He is an artist concerned at the most fundamental level with the art of mimesis and representation holding a poignant mirror up to humanity and its hurtle forward powerfully captured in “ON EXACTITUDE IN SCIENCE”, in which the artist has produced a shot-for-shot remake of the 1983 motion picture ‘KOYAANISQATSI’, commissioned by the Irish Museum of Modern Art for its forthcoming curated exhibition As Above, so Below: Portals, Visions, Spirits & Mystics, opening April 13, 2017. Alan received his MFA from LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore in 2009. HELIOSYNTH is the artist's first exhibition in Green On Red Gallery.