The Art of Collecting gallery lecture by Dónall Curtin / by info

The Art of Collecting gallery lecture by Dónall Curtin on occasion of solo exhibition Axis Mundi & Bathing Places, Dublin Bay by Tom Hunter,  

Thursday, March 12th, 2015, 6-7pm
Booking advisable.

Tom Hunter:   Bull Wall  2006 C-type print Edition of 4 84 x 106 x 4cms

Tom Hunter: Bull Wall 2006 C-type print Edition of 4 84 x 106 x 4cms

Dónall Curtin, Senior Partner in BCK Certified Public Accountants and Former President of Chambers Ireland will deliver the first lecture, The Art of Collecting, in a series of lectures on contemporary art topics at the Green On Red Gallery, Spencer Dock, next Thursday, March 12, 6-7pm.  Attendance is free but booking advisable.

Dónall Curtin has broad experience of contemporary art through his ongoing attendance at and support of galleries, artists' events and art fairs over a period of 10-20 years.  He has become a passionate champion and afficionado of contemporary art in its diverse media in Ireland and abroad.  He will speak from first-hand experience of looking at and collecting contemporary over that period, about his changing views and vision.  He will share the benefit of his experience and his adventure with all interested private or corporate parties in the gallery this Thursday.  

Dónall will tackle some of the misconceptions around access to contemporary art and prompt some fresh thinking on this engaging past-time which, he maintains, is available to all and sundry. 

Dónall is also a board member of The Abbey Theatre and Visual Arts Ireland.

We look forward to seeing you in Spencer Dock.  To book a place at the lecture please email Jerome at

Paid parking is available at the basement level of The National Convention Centre, North Wall Quay, D. 1.  Follow the P parking signs from the quays to the rear.  The Gallery is 3 minutes walk from here.

Three new Bathing Places, Dublin Bay photographs will be shown for the remainder of the exhibition, including Bull Wall ( 2006 ) ( see image ).

Publications on Tom Hunter's current exhibition available at the gallery as follows :

Le Crowbar Tom Hunter, 2013, Here Press, London
Tom Hunter The Way Home, 2012, Hatje Cantz Verlag, Ostifildern, Germany 
Tom Hunter Living in Hell and Other Stories, 2006, Yale University Press, New Haven
Tom Hunter DA2 Domus Artium 2002, 2004, Salamanca
Tom Hunter, 2003, Hatje Cantz Publishers, Ostfildern-Ruit, Germany