The Trouble with Light, a Lecture by Mark Joyce / by info

The Trouble with Light 

Lecture by Mark Joyce

Thursday June 4th, 13.15-14hrs

All welcome.  Refreshments served. 


The Trouble with Light is the title of a lecture to be delivered by Mark Joyce, Director of Art for Yale National University - Singapore, next Thursday lunchtime, June 4th, in the new Spencer Dock gallery.  Previously Mark was Lecturer in Fine Art at IADT, Dun Laoghaire and was responsible for the establishment of the experimental Drawing Gallery, Dun Laoghaire .

Since the artist's solo exhibition  The Newtonians (2008), if not before, Joyce has been taken with the evidence and representation of light in a material means, fully aware of an inherent contradiction in the challenge.  After a working trip to Iceland in 2012, small fields of solid colour turned to stripes or zig-zags of finely tuned and elegant colour arrangements which in turn became crystalline compositions, sometimes aperture-like with varying interiors or depths beyond with titles such as CopernicusHindu KushSkelter, etc.

Joyce was an obvious choice for the Light Falls exhibition where his work is shown alongside recent works by varying generations of artists from Bridget Riley and Marcia Hafif to recent-graduate Sofie Loscher.  His lecture on contemporary art issues and ' the trouble with light ' is eagerly awaited.  It is the artist's third lecture in the gallery, once described as " the weatherman of painting ".