Caroline McCarthy’s first solo show in Galerie Gisela Clement, Bonn, Germany June 26 – September 20, 2019 / by info

Caroline McCarthy


Galerie Gisela Clement, Bonn Germany
Lotharstraße 104
D – 53115 Bonn

June 26th 2019 to September 20th 2019


Caroline McCarthy, Where I End and You Begin.

Photo courtesy of the artist. Photo taken by Jerome O’Driscoll

Mass-produced, consumable and disposable, cheap, low grade, commercial domestic objects,

pose here as art. This could be a manifesto for the Independent Group in the ICA, London who

pioneered the Pop Art of the ‘50s and ‘60s. But we are talking post-Sensation/Brit Art London,

where Caroline has quietly matured as an artist.

McCarthy has been known to play a game of cat and mouse with the viewer. This playful dialogue

between viewer and artwork/artist is nicely captured in the title Where I end and you begin. It is

typical of the modesty of this unassuming artist whose work brings a wry, even embarrassed smile

to your face. She wants the work to do the talking and the viewer to listen and to learn and to revel

in the experience of looking. But looking here is as much a form of critical engagement and