Kirstin Arndt on her inspiration and methods / by info

We were delighted to chat with Kirstin recently about her three Untitled works, where she describes her inspiration and methods for creating.

1)  Inspiration

      In the series of stripe works I was interested in the following questions:

            1)    When are stripes of different widths in relation to the total area seen as lines rather than as surfaces?

            2)    Which spatial illusions arise from the juxtaposition of certain hues/shades in different stripe widths?

            3)    What relationships do the stripes make between each other, which stripes connect and how does the eye „jump“?

Which rhythm is created by this?

            4)    When is the untreated substrate (paper/wood panel) perceived as a white stripe /as a strip with wood texture/grain).

            5)    What effect do the „disturbances“ of the sharp-edged color-border boundaries have?
         - Do they give the character of a gesture?
         - Does this materialise the strips?

            6)    Does the individual works can stand alone on the one hand and be strung together seamlessly and continuously on the other hand?

2) Working methods

 - Kind of stencil technique was used for these series.

- For each colour, all other areas were taped and covered.

 -It was followed by a reaction to the previous strip composition with another hue/shade in correspondingly wide stripes.

- The paint application (acrylic) was sprayed on.

- The adhesive tape, which is directly incorporated as material into other works, disappears here from the surface and is only indirectly visible, recognisable by the „disturbances“.

Kirstin Arndt

Untitled (Series of 3) . 2018

Acrylic on paper 40 x 30cms

Available to view as part of our Summer Show at Green on Red Gallery, Spencer Dock, Dublin 1.